Care instructions

Given appropriate handling the gemstones and pearls have a guaranteed, livelong durability*.
This you will find with no other product. Therefore gentle, specific handling, as well as a certain amount of care is important.

We gladly will instruct you on the care of your jewels and pearls.

  • Clean your pearls and corals with a soft, clean piece of cloth regularly.
  • Body care products can irritate the surface of pearls and corals, please avoid excessive contact.
  • Pearls and corals should not come into contact with detergents, as aggressive chemicals attack the surface and thereby dull it.
  • Intensive exposure to sunlight over longer periods of time should be avoided for corals. Pay attention to the storage of your coral jewellery.
  • Chlorine water or thermal water can negatively afflict pearls and corals, therefore better take off your jewellery.

Opals are aqueous, to prevent dehydration and cracks, there are several possible measures.

We recommend to our customers to wear opals often and if possible directly on the skin, so that the opal cannot dehydrate as easily. Please ask us for more detailed advice.

*except opal, mabe-pearls
*except improper processing, blows, strokes, excessive heat, chemical influence.